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My Spirit Wear

Sure, buying custom apparel in bulk is simple; but how can I make it equally as simple for my staff, teachers, employees, parents or customers to purchase items individually?? So, how does it work???

The simple answer…… myspirit.jpg

So, how does it work???

To get started, all we need is the logo you would like to be on your shirts. From there, we can custom design your individual page. You can opt to use our stock list of apparel, or browse our catalog and choose anything you like to be uploaded onto your personal page. We will then assign a URL for your personal site. (i.e.

So, how does the product get delivered???

There are several options here. First and quite simply, the user may opt to pay a flat fee and have the item shipped to an address of their choosing. If you would like for your users to be able to avoid the cost of shipping, we have an option to do that also. We can designate a point-person at your location. (secretary, bookkeeper, etc.) We can setup an option on the site for your users to elect to have the items delivered to the point-person at no cost.

So, can I use the site as a money-maker for me???

Absolutely!!! After we set the pricing for your particular items on the site, we can simply add a percentage, of your choosing, to the cost of each. That money would then be sent to you at the end of each month. (this is great for school PTA’s)

So, let’s get started!!!!!

Send me an email or give me a call and you can be on the way to making your job a lot easier.
Toll-free 888-326-8496
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